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You're life is meant to be lived free

Feeling  rooted in who you are and your mission on the planet

Feeling connected to your desires and with a clear picture of how you envision your life to be

Feeling courageous, confident and supported to go out there, overcome your challenges, and manifest that vision

...and doing so in a way that brings JOY to you and those around you (with FLOW, not FORCE)

...but it doesn't always feel like that - does it? 

Are you


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Hi, I'm Marijke 

I'm a women's coach, mentor & healer and I'm here to guide you out of your conditioning and limits, into your most authentic and expansive life.​


After the first decade of my career as a psychologist in corporate consulting, I had become successful by all social standards, yet realized I felt empty, numbed out and depressed.


When my body hit the brakes hard and I landed in a deep burnout I knew one thing for sure: this is NOT the life I'm meant to live.


It propelled me on a deep journey of connecting with my purpose, healing my wounds, meeting my soulmate in the middle of a desert, and finally; rebuilding my life from scratch – in Tahiti.


This time; based on the pillars of Freedom, Authenticity and Feminine Power.


As a coach and healer, it is now my greatest joy to guide women like yourself in the process of their awakening: reconnecting to their authentic power, releasing conditioning and creating a life they love.


Step into 

-your next level of authentic living 


UNTAMED is an expansive, 4 month group journey for women who are ready to rid themselves of the cages of their conditioning.

For those who are ready to tap into who they truly are, move past fear and powerfully take action to manifest their desires.

On the journey you will experience

Deep wisdom and shifts to elevate your consciousness 

Powerful sisterhood - you'll be seen, understood, supported and uplifted in all that you are 

A liberation of who you thought you had to be - unapologetically becoming who you are 

A reclamation of your authentic power as a woman

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By the end of this journey, you will....

Feel more deeply connected to yourself

Feel more rooted in your desires and path in life

Feel more committed to who you want to be

Feel more confident in expressing your truth

Have a deep understanding of how to work with fears and roadblocks in life

Have begun to step into the woman you want to be

Have leant to work with a range of powerful practices to support your untamed journey for years to come

Experiences from our community

What's included?

We will come together in sisterhood twice per month live. You'll experience deep dive masterclasses, intuitive mentoring sessions as well ceremonies to open and close our journey. In our closed community we have continuous support for your journey as well as powerful practices and inspirations to keep the momentum going. 

1 Live opening ceremony to set the scene for your journey of expansion 

4 Live Masterclasses that will give you the shifts, tools and practices to you need to live Untamed 

(topics: * Intentional Living * Embodying the woman that wants to emerge * Alchemizing roadblocks *Owning your power by integrating the divine masculine and feminine)

3 Live intuitive mentoring calls - to answer all of your questions and ensure you deeply integrate your learnings 

1 Live closing ceremony 

Access to the private Untamed facebook community, where all women will hold you in your highest vision of yourself, keep you accountable and support you when you reach out 

We kick off February 17!!

"Life is meant to feel FREE.

But when women play by patriarchy's rules - they become like caged birds.

Reclaim your freedom.


Women's coach, mentor & healer


Is this experience for you?

You deeply desire to be surrounded by women that simply GET you 

You know you're meant for more and want to connect deeper with yourself 

You are READY to step into your authenticity and feminine power 

You want to learn how to finally LIVE all that you know with your mind 

You long to EXPAND, feel ALIVE and live UNTAMED!! 



Your Questions, answered!

When are the live sessions?

We'll come together on Wednesdays at 20.00 CET (Amsterdam). If you can't make it to a session - we'll record for you! 

What if I'm not sure if this is right for me?

If you've come up to here and are reading this I daresay - THIS IS FOR YOU. You're here for a reason. If you have any more questions or doubts - let's have a chat!

What if I'm not ready?

Being ready is a choice. We BECOME ready when we commit to our growth and process.  Doors to UNTAMED will not reopen until late 2021. 

What will I get out of this journey?

You'll get out what you put in =)! 

If you commit and show up fully, you will feel more confident, more clear about who you are in the world, feel more connected to your true self and others and will move forward with more trust than ever before. 

What will I learn?

The wisdom and tools to live life authentically, connected and home with yourself. Topics of the masterclasses are 1. Intentional living 2. Embodying the woman that wants to emerge 3. Alchemizing Roadblocks 4. Elevating your life by balancing the masculine and feminine energies. 

The intuitive mentorings are fully customized to you, to support you in where you are on your journey. 

Can I pay with a payment plan? 

Absolutely. You can pay in full or 4 terms of 222€. Send me a message ( and we will set it up. Ask me about other options if these are not feasible for you. 

Sign me up!

We'll reopen doors sooooon.....

Jump on the waitlist for a secret little price :) 

Leave your e-mail to jump on the waitlist and I promise you will receive an offer that NO ONE else will get when doors reopen later in 2021!!

You're on the list =) !! I'll be in your inbox soon. (Be sure to check your spam <3) 


Undecided or have more questions? Let's chat! 

I'd be happy to connect with you and explore together whether this journey is right for you! Drop me a message at or schedule a call with me so we can connect and get an honest idea if this is for you.

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