the Woman you are

                  meant to be 

Guiding women to wake up to who they really are.  

And creating lives that feel GOOD, from the inside. 

We are not meant to live our lives

Stressed out


Selling our soul to fit in or to make money


We are meant to live our lives 

In flow.

Feeling alive

At peace. 


Contributing massively to the world by daring to be ourselves. 

And, perhaps most of all;

I believe that our world desperately needs more women to rise up and do the thing that lights them up. From the inside.

Are you ready to create the life you deserve?!

Hi, I'm Marijke,  


And I am beyond excited to guide YOU to your place of personal, feminine power. Back home, with yourself.

I promise you;
You are not meant to be struggling for energy on a daily basis.
You are not meant to be forcing or chasing or proving.
You are meant to shine from the inside out.
And you’re here for a reason.

But if you are not connected to that place inside yourself,
That place of excitement, inspiration & flow


Everything becomes a struggle.

Trust me – I know.

The first decade of my career was a complete and utter struggle of exhaustion and stress. Though I seemed to have it all – the success, the job, the house, heck – even ‘making an impact'; I felt absolutely empty inside.

But I kept going. Pushing. Forcing. Proving. Thinking:
If only I try harder. If only I make it till that next vacation. If only….

Until my body hit the brakes. Until I went into a series of serious burnout to the point I physically could not get out of bed anymore. And it was at that point that I decided it was enough.I made a promise to myself I would do (and not do) whatever it would take to create a different kind of life for myself.

Since finding my way, I know one thing to be true 100% –  forcing is NOT the way. Willpower is not the way. Things really don't have to be hard. When we live the life we are meant to live and let go of beliefs that hold us back -- things can just FLOW naturally and come to US. 

Like my current incredible life in Tahiti, Polynesia did. 

So I am grateful for my life being the way it is - and I'm excited to get you there too! 

Want to learn about my background, expertise and how I work?



about me

Guiding you to create change that lasts - at a root level. 


about how I work

I run my programs from Tahiti, Polynesia, so we will meet in our online space -- my Rumia

My coaching and programs are always based on the three foundations of my work - the depth of our work depends on which journey you choose: 

Purpose & desire   Connecting you to you. Getting clear on your truest deepest desires. 

Deconditioning & healing  Becoming free from what's holding you back (fears, limiting beliefs, societal conditioning, memories, subconscious patterns).  

Feminine Creation Learning to create your life from a place of flow and feminine magic, instead of force.

I use a variety of different techniques from my background in psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Energy Healing (Rigpa), Belief Clearing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Access Consciousness, and Inner Child Healing. 


* * I work in Dutch as well as English * *


To make ANY kind of transformation, we need to feel SAFE. 

Safe to be heard, safe to be seen, in all that we are -  without judgement.


When we feel safe, we allow our shadows, our doubts and our shame to come to the light. Once they are on the surface  we can set them free --and we open ourselves up to whole new reality.


In Polynesian legend of creation, Rumia is the shell that holds space for the light of the universe inside to be born. Inside, it is a safe nurturing space, where no right or wrong exists. 

When working with me – Rumia is our foundation. The space we create together is one of healing, transformation, creation - in honor of YOU. 

After working with me – you’ll have your OWN Rumia. You will know, have and hold your own space, from where you will create the life you know you deserve.  

my Rumia



my Rumia 


I am here to support your transformation