from Burnout, to Bliss


I believe that we’ve spent long enough living stressful and exhausted lives.
I believe that it’s time to let go of chasing, running and grasping.
I believe that it’s time that we start creating a work life, that works for us.
I believe that ‘careers’ are meant to be filled with joy, contribution and growth.

And, perhaps most of all;

I believe that our world desperately needs more women to rise up and do the thing that lights them up. From the inside.

Are you ready to let go of your stress, and create the life you deserve?!

Hi, I'm Marijke,  


And it's my passion to guide you out of your life of stress – into your space of FREEDOM. It took me a long time to reconnect to mine, and it will be an honor to guide you to yours! 

In hindsight, I spent the first decade of my career in a state of perpetual stress. A state of constant chasing, grasping and forcing. Working as a coach and consultant in the corporate change management space, I seemed to have it all – the house, the job, the success, even 'making an impact'. With a huge empty smile on my face.


What was hardest for me was that at some point, I had tried all of the methods in the book. All. Of. Them. And I could see my patterns coming a mile away. But I kept falling into the same pitfalls. Over. And over. And over.


So when my body finally hit the brakes and faced me with a series of burnouts (I could physically not get out of bed anymore)  – I decided it was enough. I decided to do (and not do) whatever it would take to create change on a root level and started question everything we believe to be true about the way we live and the way we work. 

Since finding my way, I know one thing to be true 100% –  forcing is NOT the way. Willpower is not the way. Things really don't have to be hard. When we live the life we are meant to live and let go of beliefs that hold us back -- things can just FLOW naturally and come to US. 

Like my life in Tahiti, Polynesia did. 

So while I'm grateful for my life being the way it is - I'm excited to get you there too! 

Want to learn about my background, expertise and how I work?



about me

Guiding you to create change that lasts - at a root level. 


about how I work

I run my programs from Tahiti, Polynesia, so we will meet in our online space -- my Rumia

My coaching and programs are always based on the four foundational principles of my work. We will go more or less in depth into the work on each, depending on which program you choose. 

Mindset  Uncovering and clearing the limiting beliefs that got you stuck and nourishing healthy beliefs in place

Healing Releasing negative charge of old memories 

( ) ​

Self love & self-care Creating powerful rituals to support your body, mind and soul -- to get you your energy back

Feminine Creation Shifting into a different paradigm of creation – so you get to attract the life you desire with more ease, joy and flow

To get results, I use a variety of different techniques from my background in psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Energy Healing (Rigpa), Chakra Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique and Access Consciousness. 




To make ANY kind of transformation, we need to feel SAFE. 

Safe to be heard, safe to be seen, in all that we are -  without judgement.


When we feel safe, we allow our shadows, our doubts and our shame to come to the light. Once they are on the surface  we can set them free --and we open ourselves up to whole new reality.


In Polynesian legend of creation, Rumia is the shell that holds space for the light of the universe inside to be born. Inside, it is a safe nurturing space, where no right or wrong exists. 

When working with me – Rumia is our foundation. The space we create together is one of healing, transformation, creation - in honor of YOU. 

After working with me – you’ll have your OWN Rumia. You will know, have and hold your own space, from where you will create the life you know you deserve.  

my Rumia


my Rumia 



I am here to support your transformation