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Way too many of us women, have been taught: play small please others, before ourselves "not be too emotional" numb our sensitivities be a good girl ignore our intuition put on a mask so we can fit it hide our true selves from the world

...and that the only long hard road to success and happiness, is when we sell our soul.....

I am here to tell you these are lies. 


to who you really are

The Awakened Woman 

Who is the Awakened Woman ? 

She has woken up her purpose 

She follows her OWN path

She speaks her truth

She feels the fear, yet moves forward anyway

She gracefully navigates her emotions and lets them fuel her mission

She knows her worth

She takes bold action towards her dreams

She has a strong supportive bond of Sisterhood

She lives a life of impact, touching those around her

What is the journey of The Awakened Woman?

The Awakened Woman is a 4 month, intensive 1-on-1 coaching & healing journey

for women who are ready to become the  powerful and authentic woman who is waiting to come out. 


It is about stepping into your inner Awakened Woman.

Throughout this journey we will work on three main themes of growth and expansion 


Purpose & desire

Get clear on your purpose & true desires


Decondition & heal

Become free from what's holding you back 


Feminine Creation

Create your life from flow, versus force

"The moment we stop denying who we really are - everything begins to work in our favor"


Women's coach, psychologist & healer


Who is this journey for?

For women who want to feel powerfully connected to who they are and what they truly desire from life 

For women who are ready to take charge of the fears, thoughts and beliefs that are keeping them small

For women who want to turn on their feminine magic 

For women who want to create their life from the inside out, while feeling GOOD

What will I learn in The Awakened Woman? 

  • You'll tune into your purpose and gifts

  • You'll get clear on what you truly desire from life 

  • You'll identify the blocks and fears that are holding you back and draining you  

  • You'll learn to transform them and build your sense of worth 

  • You'll learn to navigate your emotions and build emotional resilience 

  • You'll learn which steps to take to create the life you desire without forcing and grasping


What's included in the journey?

  • Intention Intake: a powerful pre-coaching questionnaire that will kick start your transformation

  •  8 customized coaching and healing sessions to powerfully shift your mindset and release what's     blocking you (90 minutes) 

  • Exercises, meditations and worksheets in between sessions to powerfully move you forward

  • E-mail & Whatsapp Support (voice messaging) all along the journey to boost momentum, support during breakthroughs and celebrate your wins 

Do you feel her call?

Succes without Stress signup

What's the investment?

The investment for this journey includes your intention intake, all sessions, exercises and workbooks and full on along-the-way support for four months and is 1899 € (ex vat). 

Payment plans are available. 

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