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the Awakened Woman

Wow, congratulations into just taking a huge and powerful leap into your own transformation!!

Magic is about to unfold... 

This Intention Intake will be the starting point of your journey. 

Before our first session together, please take a moment to sit with your intention for these months ahead, even if you've answered some of these questions to me already.
We wanna work with what ALIVE for you, right now, so: 

Create a quiet moment without distraction (it's not a to-do =). Take a bath, meditate, listen to music or do what helps you to let your mind rest and get into your body and intuition

Write in free flow - don't think too much, just let your fingers over the keyboard. There's no need for perfection. 

While the questions are in English - feel free to answer in Dutch if you prefer

Thank you for setting these powerful intentions!
We will go through them in our first session.
I can't WAIT to get started with you 🧡

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