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 February 1st, 20.00 CET 

To elevate your 2021 beyond what's happening in the outside world


Life is meant to be lived FREE...

Living aligned with who you really are

Pursuing your deepest desires

Sharing your talents with the world

While feeling connected to yourself, others and the planet...

...but it doen't always feel like that, does it?!

the FREE Masterclass



The times we are living in are challenging - for each of us in our own way. 

Its easy to lose yourself in the fear, worry or frustration around you...  

To get triggered, feel like a victim, or lose sight of your own path ahead... 

Or to simply forget what you are meant to be doing - living in connection, pursuing your purpose and creating a positive impact in the world 

But - what if there was a way of living life, UNTAMED, free and steadfast, regardless of what was happening around you? 

In this expansive 90 min masterclass I will show you how.  And trust me - I won't just be sharing information. 

We'll be activating you in five areas of expansion  - so you can elevate your 2021 beyond whatever is happening in the outside world. 

Live life - Untamed. 

Your host -  Marijke de Jong

Marijke is a women's coach, psychologist and healer, who is on an infinite mission to liberate YOU  from your conditioning and guide you into your most awakened and FREE life. She lives and runs her online business from Tahiti.
You can learn more about her and her work here