Let's get you there, together.

Clarity Session 



This free 45 minute session will give you the clarity you need to start owning your space and taking (back) the drivers’ seat of your life.


You will get more clarity on what you want out of life and what are some of your goals at are aligned with your heart, rather than what the rest of the world wants from you. You will gain insights in why you haven’t been able to move forward and change the situation you are currently in and some specific steps to move forward.

Life takes off, when you get clear. 


Do you find yourself constantly stressed-out, or are you missing fulfillment in your life or work? Do you keep spinning your wheels or spreading yourself too thin? Are you done with feeling overwhelmed and are you ready to let go of those old patterns and create some more clarity?  Then this program is for you.


Our six weeks together (three sessions with guidance, exercises and guided meditations in between) will give you more clarity than you’ve had for most your life. 

This intensive program will give you; 

  • more clarity on the life you really want to live

  • more clarity on the root cause of whats keeping you stuck

  • clarity on which steps you can take to let this go and become free to create the life you deserve.

Clarity Intensive


The Awakened Woman

Are you ready to heal on a deeper level and make a transformation in your life? Then this program is for you. Over a period of 4 months, we will intensively work together to strongly connect you with who you really are


Our 8 sessions together are connected with self-work and support, and are centered around the four core principles of my work

Mindset  Uncovering and clearing the limiting beliefs that got you stuck and nourishing healthy beliefs in place

Healing Releasing negative charge of old memories 

( ) ​

Self love & self-care Creating powerful rituals to support your mind, body and soul -- to get you your energy back

Feminine Creation Shifting into a different paradigm of creation – so you get to attract the life you desire with more ease, joy and flow

After our time together, you will have more energy, a new foundation of inner confidence, a clear picture of the life you you want to live and the tools to create it.

Are you ready for the life you know you deserve?


Alongside my coaching programs, I host workshops and keynotes for events around the world. ​These are always tailor made to the purpose, theme and audience of the specific event and designed in collaboration with the event creator. 

A few examples of topics I speak and teach about: 

  • Moving from stress, overwhelm and burnout, to BLISS 

  • Balancing our head and heart to create a life of success 

  • LIVING our purpose (versus searching for it)

  • Living life with impact, success and flow 

  • Becoming successful, the feminine way 

Send me a message to explore how we can collaborate. 

** Please note that at the moment I am mostly available for events in Polynesia or the Netherlands, since I spend the largest part of my year there. **

Keynotes &